Privacy Policy

The Introduction

At (“Website”), we strongly value your privacy and we aim to make every feasible effort to ensure that your processed data is secure and well protected. In this policy, you will learn about information on how we process your data: the objectives of processing such as the data we receive from you, the duration of storage of the data we receive from you, the objectives of your data, your preferences and any other additional information you need to learn regarding processing of your data.

1. Who are we?

This Website is operated and owned by NITAYA INVESTMENTS LIMITED (“the Company,” “We,” “Our”). It was consolidated after the legislation of Cyprus and it is registered under the number ΗΕ 384793, with the address Veroias, 3 Monovolikos 4, Kato Polemidia, 4150, Limassol, Cyprus. the Company controls the data under the regulation 2016/679 of the EU and the Council (“GDPR”).

1.1 How can you get in touch with us?

In case there are any issues that arise concerning your privacy and personal data processing, or you are experiencing any challenges, or you need to file a complaint, please, get in touch with our Support team via email ( and explain to us your concerns. Your request will be looked into by the appropriate department, that will solve your case.

2. What personal data about you do we receive and when?

2.1 When you surf or utilize the Website, the following data regarding you is automatically collected (“Automatically collected data”):

  • Information about your device. Whenever you surf the Website, we are able to track the data about your device (mobile device or PC), unique device ID (if relevant), operating system, type of browser and its version, the time-zone as well as the established language.
  • Your IP location, location of your data, information about your mobile carrier operator or the internet provider.
  • Information about the source you used to get into the Website. 
  • This information is collected and managed by cookies (to figure out how the Website employs cookies, please, see the cookies section or go to our Cookies Policy).
  • We also keep the data depending on your presence on the Website in regards to the number of times you log in to the Website, the subpages you went through, the access time and any other information concerning your browsing time.
  • Information on the weather you agree to get personalized content or material or whether or not you have accepted our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and any other relevant documents.

2.2 When conveying a message to us by the interface of the Website or if you send an email to us directly, or when you subscribe to our weekly mailing list, you are to lodge to us the next data (“Message Data”):

  • Information concerning your email.
  • Information regarding the status of your subscription to our weekly mailing list.
  • The point of your request.

3. How do we utilize your data, and on what legal grounds?

the Company shall use data collected from you for the subsequent needs and the next lawful grounds:

Objectives of the processing Legal Ground of the processing
To manage the Website and guard our company. We utilize your data to ensure there are no instances of fraud, unlawful or criminal activity, protecting the Website and the Company’s technical infrastructure. The processing is needed so as to have the lawful interests pursued by the Company. 
To provide you with a customized Website designed according to your interests, geographical location and likings. Examples cover but are not limited to the following: a) We might provide you with the Website in your preferred language. b) We may provide you with the Website according to your geographical location and likings. The processing is needed so as to have the lawful interests pursued by the Company.
To give you the content, articles, and the materials according to your interests and favorites (upon your apparent approval). Your Consent.
To establish new peculiarities of the Website. We may anonymize your data ( by excluding data that is individually identifiable) then make an examination and analysis. This will help us to find out how users of particular audiences use the Website. Using this data, we will develop the Website in a way that fits the concerns of our audiences. After the anonymization, your information will no longer be classified under personal data. This processing is illegal and it does not need any particular form of agreement.
To comply with the law, requests of the government agencies, court or police (if relevant).  The processing is needed for the act in accordance with a legal obligation that is subject to the Company.
To reply to your request or message. Your Consent.
To keep a history of processing activities. The processing is needed for the act in accordance with a legal obligation that is subject to the Company.
To mail you our weekly mailing list. Your Consent.

4. Children Protection

This Website is not designed for users below the age of 18years or below the age that is asked to stay engaged in gambling in the field of the particular user ("legal age").

5. To whom can we reveal your data?

Your data obtained by this Policy can be exposed to the following parties:

The representatives, affiliates and subcontractors of the Company. We do this to ensure that you get a fully functional and equipped Website. These disclosures shall be based on individual data transfer protocols. It suggests that these parties will only process your information under this Privacy Policy.

Some functions of the Website or the foundation of the Company may not apply to the Company. For this reason, when you surf the Website, your data will be transferred to the aforementioned third parties.

5.3 Analytics

We use analytics so as to understand the requirements of our guests better and optimize users’ experience on the Website.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a web analytics assistance provided by google and its purpose is to follow and record Website traffic. Google utilizes this gathered data to track and observe the performance of your Website. The data is distributed using other google settings. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on accommodates guests and users and it is capable of stopping their data from being accumulated and handled by Google Analytics. To install Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, use this link:


This is a technology service that functions to assist us fully understand the activity of our guests such as how much time they surf and which pages, which links they prefer to click, etc. This allows to manage and develop our Website. Hotjar also uses cookies and additional technologies to collect data on our users’ behavior and the devices they use. It captures the device’s IP location that is obtained and only kept in anonymized form, the device screen size, information about the browser, the type of device, (it uses individual device identifiers), the chosen language that displays on our Website, and the  geographical location (country only). Hotjar keeps this data in a pseudonymized user form. Neither our Website nor Hotjar will use this information to recognize users or coordinate it with other data of the individual user. For extra details, visit Hotjar’s Privacy Policy: (

5.4 To the regulatory authorities, such as governing bodies, police and courts in case of a legal inquiry.

6. How long do we keep your data?

Your collected data and message data will be automatically saved for as long as we require them to host you in the Website or to resolve any issues. In some cases, we might keep this information for an extra period of time, if required by the law. As was stated before, we use your data for the anonymization procedure, We want to ensure that the data:

a) shall not include any information that can be described as ‘’personal data’’

b) shall not bear any information of usage that can cause you to be recognized.

7. Your rights

As the subject of the data, you bear the number of rights that you can recognize by getting in touch with our Technical SUpport Team through email:

These rights include:

The right to access: You bear the right to receive proof from the Company as to whether or not individual information about you is processed. If the Company admittedly processes your data, you shall obtain a copy of your personal data supporting the processing.

The right to correction: You can always request the Company to correct false information about your private data.

The right to erasure: You can always request the Company to exclude the private data we have received from you. We will eliminate every data that has been received beforehand, if they are not needed for the reasons the information was collected.

The right to object processing: You have the right to object, on grounds correlating to your precise situation, the processing of your data, if the basis of this processing is essential for the needs of legal matters pursued by the Company. Moreover, you have the right to object to the processing of your data for the direct marketing of goals.

The right to restriction of processing: You have the right to receive restraint from the Company concerning processing of the data when one of the subsequent applies: a) You are opposed to the correctness of the personal data, b) the processing is illegal and you face cancellation of the private data and alternatively require limitation of their use, c) the Company no longer requires the private for processing, but they are required by you for the establishment, exercise or the defense of legal requests, d) you have opposed the processing based on your right to object pending confirmation whether your legal grounds annul to those of the Company.

The right to withdraw consent: If you had previously agreed to the processing of your data, you have the right to revoke this approval any time. It also means that we shall end processing of your private information of which approval is required, beginning from the date of removal. The consent to withdraw, shall not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

The right to data portability: You have the right to obtain records from the Company, which were obtained from you, in a structured, machine-readable form and retain the right to transfer the data to another controller (in other words, to another company).

Please keep in mind that these rights are relevant only with some limitations:

  • Suppose we are not certain about the identity of the requestor. In such a situation, the Company shall confirm the personality of the guest/visitor who asks for the realization of any of the rights before executing this right.
  • We may limit the defined rights before or reject the realization of any of the rights if this constraint or rejection is based on the legislation of the Company. the Company shall also  blueprint to you the reason for the refusal as a response to your request.

8. Information concerning complaints

You can always get in touch with our Support Team concerning any matter regarding your privacy, including complaints. However, if you believe that your rights following the data protection legislation have been, you can file a complaint with The Office if The Commissioner for private data protection of the Republic off Cyprus. Follow this link to The Website of the Commissioner:

9. How do we protect your data?

We guard your information by utilizing the legal methodology and technical methodology:

  • Legal methodology. We implement this methodology by utilizing individual data transfer arrangements with the Company’s representatives, subcontractors, and affiliates. It requires them to follow this Privacy Policy.
  • Technical Methodology. This methodology involves proper encryption standards which ensure the safety of your data. It states that it is almost impossible to obtain information without decryption keys in a matter of any possible data research.

10. Cookies

Our Website uses cookies, which are tiny records of letters and numbers that we place on your electronic device. These cookies help us to identify you from other users of our Website. This assists us to provide you with a great experience as you surf on our Website. It also allows us to develop our site. In case you need more information about Cookies, follow the Cookie Policy.

11. Transfer of the data outside the European Union (For EEA residents).

It is important that you bear in mind that some parts of our company group reside outside the European Economic Area. This means that the legislation on the security of the data may not be as severe as the legislation, which is a force in the European Union. Some of your collected information will be assigned to these jurisdictions. Moreover, we want to inform you that we use all means to force all parts of our business groups, including our non-EU business associates, to handle your data under The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (in other words, "GDPR").In case you agree to this policy, you grant consent to these transfers. You can revoke this agreement any time, but in such an instance, the functions of the Website will not be available to you.

12. Third-party websites

Bear in mind that our Website may contain links to other websites that are run by third parties, such as banners of third-party trademarks or hyperlinks to third party websites, etc. Also remember that these banners and links are used at your peril. the Company will not be responsible for the content available on those websites. the Company does not also carry responsibility on anything that may happen as a result of your stay in those third-party websites. We strongly advise you to go through the ‘’Privacy Policy’’ or another ‘’Privacy Notice’’ document that is available on the third-party Website before you submit any data to them.

13. Updates to this Policy.

We may occasionally amend this Privacy Policy. If we do so, we sill contact you and let you know about the changes in date of this policy. We urge you to go through the Privacy Policy each time you open the Website. By continuing to use our Website after the Privacy Policy updates go live, you accept to be treated according to the amended Privacy Policy.