Blacklist of Ireland Online Casinos

I have created a blacklist for IE online casinos so that you will not become a victim of the fraudulent ones. No casino is left out in the tests carried out. Casinos can end up on the blacklist for reasons ranging from unclear terms and conditions to rigged software. The message I am passing across is straightforward – avoid all the online casinos from this list.

This casino got to the blacklisted because of using unethical business practices linked with affiliate companies, including buying not objective reviews on sites
Delayed payouts are a natural thing for this casino. They also can decline your withdrawal request without telling you the reason. Is that how such a service should behave? I don’t think so. Therefore, Cashpot ends up on my blacklist.
I noticed that this casino is using unethical business practices. Some of those who regularly visit my website told me that their accounts in Casino1 Club were blocked after they requested money withdrawal. That’s why this casino ends up on my blacklist.
Those who participate in their affiliate program do not get the money they were promised. Another reason why this casino got into my blacklist is blocking users’ accounts without any explanation. Disco just wants to get your money.
Their support lacks a lot of knowledge about how the casino works. People who are working there are not able to solve simple problems. Apart from that, withdrawals in Euromoon are always delayed. Some users said that their payout requests were canceled with no reason.
Various bonus and deposit complaints. That means it is not safe to play in this place.
There are lots of complaints about unpaid winnings and blocked accounts
This casino is blacklisted due to affiliate program using unethical business practices associated with affiliate companies, including, but not limited to, delayed or declined payments, lack of cooperation and unprofessional behavior
I have received a lot of bad feedback on this casino. I appreciate our players and therefore I cannot recommend this casino.
There are many payout complaints. This means that the casino has shady tactics and it is not safe for you to gamble.
I have received a lot of bad feedback on this casino. I appreciate our players and therefore I cannot recommend this casino.
Money withdrawal is a disaster in Osiris casino. Some users complain about lengthy payout procedures, while others simply cannot receive their winnings. The casino certainly has some shady tactics which make this place dangerous to play.

Details of the Online Casino Blacklist 

This blacklist is developed to guide lovers of online gambling in the right direction. I test a lot of online casinos but not all of them pass with flying colors. To pass my judgement, I have certain tools I use. With my experience while testing and evaluating, it is right to say that you cannot trust all online casinos. Those that should not be trusted are therefore enlisted here. When you read through, you will be able to understand why you should avoid some casinos in every way. 

It is certain that a trustworthy and legitimate casino will not be registered on the blacklist. Above all, a casino that has been tested and has failed the validity test will always remain on the blacklist. Bear in mind that ONLY Irish online casinos that should be avoided are recorded on this list. Having diligently done my research to provide this list, I do not deal with complaints about any of the online casinos on the blacklist. In case you are wondering how to know if a casino is trustworthy, it is quite simple. Go online, look for reviews and check out the rating. If you do this, you will be far from becoming a victim. 

How to understand if a casino should be on the blacklist 

Here are the criteria I use before passing judgement. 

Functioning with a Non-Licensed Software

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Not everyone is aware that software has a license. Well, it does. To show that it is important to have a license, software providers must compulsorily get one and pay the annual fee or simply leave the market. Game selection differs for players from different countries at every licensed casino. Regardless, there are still rogue casinos that will go to any length to entice players. One of the things they do is to provide pirated or fake games. As long as these games are not licensed, nobody knows the RTP or if there’s a possibility of winning. Also, they could replace licensed games with fake ones. When they do this, players have no chance of winning at all. 

You can easily identify a fake game if you know where to search. Check the host domain in the source code of the page. You will surely spot any casino functioning with a non-licensed software on my blacklist. 

Refusal to pay out winnings

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The game of gambling is indeed fun. But the fun can swiftly turn sour if the online casino deprives you of your winnings. As soon as these rogue casinos are ready to cheat, they take a turn and begin to cite the terms and conditions. Cheating with T&Cs is easy for them because you would discover that the T&Cs you already signed could be tricky, stiff or even unreasonable. When this happens, they define the T&Cs to suit them while the players remain at loss. 

Furthermore, they can discourage players by introducing continuous identity procedures called “know your customer” (KYC). They begin to request for documents time after time and on the long run you see that it is not leading anywhere. In certain instances, they even request that some documents be certified by a lawyer. The cost implication of going through this process might be greater than the price. At this stage, players might think it is not worth the stress and thus let go of the winnings.  

If the casino is short of funds 

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Apart from online casinos that scam on purpose, there is another group of casinos that are willing to pay, but do not have the money. A lot of things have been made easy these days just as creating an online casino requires very little effort. There are ready-made white-label platforms where the task of creating a casino has been simplified. Therefore, with or without money on ground to payout, anyone can still be successful in creating an online casino.  

Problems arise for this category of online casinos every time a huge amount of money is won. In fairness to them, they are willing to pay but have no source of funds for payouts. Despite the intent, I do not leave out this category on the blacklist. Their names are boldly written there. 

It is not a wise choice to play in such places. If you do, your winnings will be at stake. Even though they do not start out to be intentionally evil, the end result remains the same – you will not receive your winnings. 

If it connives with spammers to deceive

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A lot of people consider receiving spam messages very irritating. It is so because you have no clue as to why you are receiving them. Alas, fraudulent online casinos use them too. They buy and sell e-mail lists that have players’ data and then begin to choke their inbox with e-mails. 

The essence of privacy policy is to let users know how all their information will be handled. This means that it is of great importance as it is also confidential. It explains why it is not advisable to give away your personal data to online casinos that may end up selling what is extremely confidential to third parties. Any casino that does this takes its customers for granted. On the other hand, the ones who buy these lists which ought to remain private are the same as the ones who sell. 

There is no argument over whether such casinos are reliable or not. They are not. Such manipulative e-mail marketing is a sign of unreliability A reliable and honest brand will take the right and necessary steps in advertising and attracting customers. Hence, online casinos that make use of manipulative and deceitful means to attract customers are on my blacklist. 

Promotion of unlawful activities 

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If you think selling of personal and confidential data to spammers is the height of wrongdoing, what of your data falling into the hands of criminals? A criminal could use your information to scam and put you in trouble for what you know nothing about. If your financial data finds its way into the hands of criminals for instance, your bank account can be emptied in no time. This is why I blacklist such casinos. If you keep playing in such a place, you are facilitating criminal activities and worse still, you may end up being a victim yourself.  

Think of it this way - thieves steal because people buy stolen goods. The same goes for hackers. They will keep hacking as long as some online casinos continue to pay them. 

The rate at which websites and accounts are being hacked is alarming. Unfortunately, diligent and innocent individuals also go through the unpleasant experience. 

I suggest that you keep your distance from any of the fraudulent online casinos that I have documented on my blacklist. Do not forget that online gambling is interesting only when online casinos abide by the rules.

Blacklist of Ireland Online Casinos