Learn Some Facts About Me and The Focus of This Website

Hello there, my name is Dave. Welcome to my website. I have created this platform to provide you with all the information relating to online gambling. My tips will guide you in using online gambling as an additional source of income, especially during hard times. 

I have worked on cruise ships during the last seven years, starting with being a casino dealer to being a supervisor. Sadly, that part of my life took a turn this winter. I lost my job due to the pandemic and had to struggle hard to get a new one just like many other people have been negatively affected too. It is unfortunate that the one thing I was good at is no longer sought after.  

Then, I`ve made up my mind to put my experience with gambling to good use and try out online casinos. I could not try this earlier as it was not acceptable due to my current contract as of then. Guess what? My online gambling trial was successful. In no time, I understood how different casinos and gambling spots work, and I recognized their advantages and setbacks. When I eventually settled to run my own business, I had a clearly defined plan of an outstanding gaming website.

Coupled with all the usual and general website content, my portal creates awareness on how to distinguish between fake online casinos and the reputable ones that will surely pay your winnings. 

Approximately 80% of the criteria that I use when evaluating casinos are developed from my personal experience and that of my close partners who worked next to me at VIP casinos on luxurious cruise ships. All other extra information is derived from other sources.

I would like to thank my charming and genius wife, Victoria, who did the job of designing this website. I would certainly not have achieved this without her. 

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Thank you. I wish you good luck as you enjoy your casino experience.